Our Story



Phi Mu Fraternity’s exclusive boutique, Carnation Collection, is rooted in the organization’s vibrant history.
Carnation Collection was originally named as the “Carnation Shop” at the Centennial National Convention in 1952, hand-crafted specialty items were placed on sale by alumnae and collegiate chapters.
Originally intended to be a “convention only” pop up shop, sales were so high that it was decided mail-in orders would be filled between conventions as well.
In 1980, the Executive Office began selling specialty items from playing cards, t-shirts, holiday ornaments and much more – all sporting Phi Mu letters, the Coat of Arms, and Sir Fidel.
Due to popular demand, the inventory grew and by the end of the 1986-1988 biennium, the store had earned its final and current name: Carnation Collection. In 1996 Carnation Collection launched online, and has continued to blossom ever since, with new styles, products and trends each year.